Jaipur Green Floral Coasters (6)

€20 €60

Beautiful hand designed light green block printed coaster with white thread scalloped edging. 100% cotton. Sold in set of six. This coaster will stand out on any table.

We worked with the artisans in our factory in India while visiting there last year to design these floral prints, and the resulting print blocks are exclusive to The Designed Table. The new Jaipur collection is designed to work together or separately and includes tablecloths in three sizes, placemats with a white scallop thread edge, sold in pairs – put together, they look great as a table runner; and coasters with a white scallop thread edge.

Jaipur prints are block prints and at places there may be overlaps, which is the nature of printing and not a defect. 

As Jaipur prints are hand block printed, please hand wash only and do not tumble dry.