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BESPOKE by The Designed Table

We are thrilled to launch Bespoke by The Designed Table.

“With Bespoke by The Designed Table, I wanted to provide anyone looking to create a beautiful tablescape with that extra personalised touch,” says Tara O’Connor. “It’s about bringing that quality and design my customers have come to expect from the range and adding something that’s unique to them and their event. Whether it’s a bride and groom organising the little details for their wedding, someone planning a dinner party to mark a special occasion, or a person who’s entertaining clients or launching their business, I want their bespoke table linens and accessories to help them set the scene for a memorable event.”


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Inspires Us

Now more than ever before, gathering around the table is so important. Whether it’s a Sunday roast with the family, a supper with friends or a simple dinner for two, mealtimes should be given time and dedication, turning them from a necessity into a ceremony, one where laughter, communication and true connection are the order of the day. We want to create table linens to make entertaining easy and simple. Where I live in Kildare, and the countryside, has very much influenced this collection. I want to bring some fun and colour into people’s homes and to elevate the everyday dining experience.

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